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    Posted 12-28-2011 09:53 AM
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    Look What's Coming in Your New & Improved January 2012 Issue of Compliance & Ethics Professional
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    Meet Vernita Haynes By Roy Snell
    SCCE & HCCA's 10,000th member is Vernita Haynes, Compliance & Privacy Analyst for the University of Virginia Health System.. Page 14

    Why risk it? The motivations of the whistleblower By Marlowe Doman
    Greed is not the only motive that makes whistleblowers willing to "stick their necks out." Page 20

    Rock in the pond ethics By Frank C. Bucaro
    Five tips to increase your odds of making good decisions. Page 26

    The simplest possible code of conduct for employees By Alexandre da Cunha Serpa
    The key to driving the expected behavior of employees is to make the rules simple enough to remember. Page 28

    An ethical corporate culture goes beyond the code By Dawn Lomer
    Unofficial channels of communication may have a more profound influence on a company's culture than its code of conduct. Page 35


    Letter from the CEO
    Roy Snell
    Page 3

    Boehme of contention
    Donna Boehme
    Page 24

    The art of compliance
    Art Weiss
    Page 33

    View from the front lines
    Meric Craig Bloch
    Page 39

    Kaplan's court
    Jeff Kaplan
    Page 45

    The last word
    Joseph Murphy
    Page 64


    News Page 6

    People on the move Page 12

    SCCE welcomes new members Page 18

    Takeaways Page 65

    Events calendar Page 66


    Powerful witness preparation By Dan Small and Robert F. Roach
    Adequately preparing potential witnesses to give testimony may be the key step in defending your company. Page 40

    Social network "snooping": Legal or liability? By Angela Bosworth
    Use caution to remain within the law if you use social media when screening employment candidates. Page 46

    The future of GRC: Integrating culture and technology By Luis Ramos
    GRC initiatives facilitate and nurture the seeds of an ethical culture with transparency and flexible business processes. Page 50

    Three steps to Dodd-Frank whistleblower readiness By Ryan McConnell, Jay Martin, and Katharine Southard
    Having a strong code of conduct, open communication, and an internal investigation plan may help you mitigate the risks. Page 55

    Who knew? How your social media rules may violate the law By Katrina Campbell
    Three scenarios that demonstrate how laws and regulations are evolving regarding social media use in the workplace. Page 58

    Third-party due diligence and privacy regulations: At odds? By James D. Slavin
    When performing due diligence on partners in foreign countries, keep in mind that privacy regulations vary by country. Page 62


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