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  • 1.  Validating Technology

    Posted 12-06-2021 02:32 PM

    A member asked us to post this message anonymously to the group:

    "Have any of our members come across/used a technology solution provider to help them to identify and validate the latest technologies to be incorporated into their program and build out a long-term technology roadmap?
    We are aware that such solutions exist from providers such as Gartner but are wondering what if any others anyone has come across? 
    What the technology solution should do?
    The customer should be able to flag a gap in their compliance program that could be plugged by a technology (training, risk assessment provider) and the technology solution provider should then be able to identify the best systems in the market, their costings, common pitfalls and provide users feedback on the systems."

    Please post any responses that you have.


    Adam Turteltaub, CCEP CHC
    SCCE & HCCA Staff
    Encino, CA
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