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    Posted 12-04-2020 12:13 PM

    Hi all,


    I'm preparing to begin studying for the CHPC exam.  It will be my first time taking it and I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed about the process.  I created an Excel spreadsheet based on the DCO in the 5WH1 format and have a couple of questions on how to proceed.  I am hopeful that someone who has used this method will be willing to help me out. 

    1. Where is the best place to find answers to each section and detail? For example, 101- Define organization and information components subject to the program.  I believe the answer to "Who" is something along the lines of the CO and Admin, the "What" might be the 7 elements of an effective compliance program, the "Why" is the 5 reasons why compliance programs are essential, etc.…. Am I way off base?  On track?  Overthinking this?
    2. I've noticed a lot of posts about subs listings, where folks state they have completed "S/P CO/AB T/E C/A/W/N R/E A/M I/M/NESI". I think those are the categories from the DCO, but what do you do with them?  Does this mean you have reviewed each line item on the DCO?  For example, you have reviewed A-M of 100- Privacy Standards, Policies and Procedures?  Or is there more to it than that?  Are flashcards involved?

    I'd love to join a study group with other folks who plan on taking the exam in Spring or Summer 2021.  It would be ideal to have one or more folks who have successfully taken the exam before, I'm happy to lead or co-lead a group but am not sure I can do it effectively where I don't have previous experience with the exam and am clearly confused about what the best study method is.   

    Thanks in advance to anyone who has taken the time to read this and is willing to help a gal out!  You can also email me off list if you prefer at

    Joni Black, MJ, CHPSE
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    Posted 12-04-2020 02:43 PM

    Any of the folks that just went through the CHC/CHPC DCO process with Frank willing to help Joni out?


    Best Regards,

    Scot Lovejoy   

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    Posted 12-05-2020 08:16 AM
    It may not help for what Joni is looking for...I will start reposting the DCO series beginning in January.  As shared by folks who went through it earlier this year, the feedback was that the exercise proved useful and some people who passed the exam circled back and said it also provided additional practice that helped with the exam.

    Posted: Saturday

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    Posted 12-07-2020 10:52 AM
    Hi Frank,

    Thanks!  I do think that will be very helpful for me and probably many others who are planning on taking the exam.  I'll watch for your posting.  I'm looking forward to it!

    Joni Black, MJ, CHPSE
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    College of Education & Human Services, Utah State University

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    Posted 12-07-2020 10:53 AM
    Thank you, Scot!

    Joni Black, MJ, CHPSE
    Privacy Officer
    College of Education & Human Services, Utah State University

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