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Ethics Officers Are Not Scary People

  • 1.  Ethics Officers Are Not Scary People

    Posted 02-22-2022 01:20 PM
    I am creating a session/presentation for line managers (especially first-time managers) to explain that they don't have to get worried (e.g. scared) just because they hear that someone on their team has contacted Ethics  - points like (a) it's a normal part of being a manager that sometimes an employee will use the Ethics line instead of contacting you directly, (b) we are professionals and will treat the employee, you, anyone else respectfully and give you a chance to share your input (c) we don't assume everyone is guilty (or innocent) etc. -

    Does anyone have any materials or articles on that subject that would help me put it together? Thanks!!!

    Adelle Elia
    VP, Ethics & Compliance Office
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