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The MEG...continues to deliver!

  • 1.  The MEG...continues to deliver!

    Posted 07-31-2021 08:41 AM
    Scot...I saw your posting about The MEG in a different eGroup and thread.  I like your sharing of how The MEG can be, in many ways, a one size fits all tool that:

    • Just about any size organization (one physician office to health care delivery system) can use The MEG to drive effective auditing and monitoring
    • The MEG can be expanded as the organization develops its auditing and monitoring capability and capacity
    • Offers general and specific metrics that can be across and with specific groups of leaders and managers to provide info on the effectiveness of the compliance program
    There's a group of folks getting ready to start working with The MEG and their Phase 1 goal is to come up with 10 metrics...MAX...which they will use as their starting points.

    I continue evaluate a lot of tools...and I still believe...from a hands on, technical and procedural perspective...The MEG stands side by side with what I've seen and tested.

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