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LEIE Data...Nice response rate!

  • 1.  LEIE Data...Nice response rate!

    Posted 06-21-2019 07:20 AM
    Some of you participated in the survey which I sent out about the LEIE (some of you are in the LEIE group and also some of you attended the CI where we talked about this) which was posted in another location.

    I will not share some of the data obtained from the survey as it relates to discussions and such that has occurred in other venues as folks are looking into their LEIE review processes and exploring options...but I will share the portion of the survey that describes the responses to the question of how frequently people check the LEIE which is shown below.

    Thanks to all who responded...and hopefully this gives you some insight as to what others are doing in terms of frequency.  The data below represents 121 respondents.

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