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  • 1.  Don't forget the little things!

    Posted 01-25-2022 06:03 AM
    I spoke with two more people who recently took their CHPC exams and are now looking to prep for a retake.  Note...I asked one of them to post their interest of connecting with others to study stay tuned should this person decide to do so.

    My takeaway from the conversation (they both work for the same health system so I was able to get a nice range of their respective perspectives from their exam taking experiences) was that there were a few questions of the BEST, NEXT, MOST type which hinged on applying what I call...basic info.  In this case, one of the exam takers shared that they believe they answered at least two questions wrong because they forgot what was the required time frame to notify individuals as defined in the Breach Rule.  The upside...this person will likely never forget the answer moving forward which should come in handy either during a retake or when applying the breach notification requirements of the Breach Rule.  I'm betting some of you from our last discussion on the Breach Rule remember the memory aid to make sure you know the answer.

    So remember...those little things can add up unexpectedly because yes...the BEST, NEXT, MOST questions get discussed quite a bit...but at the same time, these same types of questions may ask you to apply some "basic info" which can help make choosing the right answer that much easier.

    Good luck to all who are taking their exams...stay the course!

    Posted: 3:49 AM AZ time

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  • 2.  RE: Don't forget the little things!

    Posted 01-25-2022 12:21 PM
    Having just taken it, I can honestly say this is 100% accurate.  I personally found it easier than the CHC (which I've taken twice and failed both times a long time ago) just because all I do is privacy, but that's just me.  There are a LOT of questions of BEST, NEXT, FIRST, etc.  I didn't necessarily do fabulous (truly skated by on the skin of my teeth if I'm being honest), but I remembered to "do your homework" first for a lot of them which helped a lot. So going direct to OCR, legal, etc. isn't doing your homework.  My advice would be to read the questions first, and auto-eliminate the two that don't make any sense. Then try to "do your homework" by talking yourself through the questions. There was a question on BAAs on my exam, and it was something that I honestly had NO clue what they were asking, so I simply took a guess which I figured is fine on certain questions and you can't get to an answer easily.  But definitely know your breach rules, and "DO YOUR HOMEWORK." It will hopefully help those who need further help in passing this particular test.  :)

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