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  • CCCCCCC's to Ina!  great job!! 👍 ------------------------------ Marcia Rasch Compliance Officer HealthSource of Ohio Loveland,OH ------------------------------

  • Happy first Thursday in December everyone! My list: S/P CO/AB T/E C/A/W/N R/E A/M I/M/NESI 6-20-100 Stay healthy & safe--mask up, wash up, and social distance up. ------------------------------ Lloyd Hemmert Compliance & Ethics Officer ...

  • My list for today: S/P CO/AB T/E C/A/W/N R/E A/M I/M/NESI Stay healthy! Posted: 4:32 AM AZ time ------------------------------ -------------Frank "Snake Bite Leader" Ruelas-------------- ► We don't fail unless we quit! ...

  • Congratulations, Ina - great accomplishment! ------------------------------ Marie Wagner, CHC, CHRC Operations Manager, Corporate Compliance The Queen's Health Systems Honolulu, HI ------------------------------

  • Congrats CCCCCCC ------------------------------ Maggie Perritt Compliance Officer Global Pharmacy Services, Inc. ------------------------------