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  • Congratulations! Way to go, Cheryl! CCCCCCCC ------------------------------ Marie Wagner, CHC, CHRC Operations Manager, Corporate Compliance The Queen's Health Systems Honolulu, HI ------------------------------

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    All. I think with the holidays and schedules I have missed congratulating a few people on the passing of their exam. I want to take a minute to say Congratulations and it is well deserved! Everyone studies so hard for these exams, they are not easy, ...

  • Congrats Cheryl!  CCCCCCCCCCCCCC!!! ------------------------------ Heidi Lourey Compliance Officer ------------------------------

  • Congratulations!!! So happy for you Cheryl!

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    The "other" H&P

    During Saturday's session, the group liked the idea of assessing the value of information sessions.  Essentially we want to make sure that sessions have a genuine "H&P" factor. Here H&P stands for How & Practical.  Essentially we are looking to make ...