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  • 1.  1099 and part time get computers?

    Posted 03-22-2023 04:54 PM

    I started a new job where everyone is 100%.  They have all their 1099 and part time providers use all their own personal computers.  What are people's experiences in organizations providing or not providing work computers for their part time providers?

    I feel that they should for all sorts of security reasons but now I feel I might be over thinking this. Any thoughts would be a big help.

    Alexia James
    Privacy Officer
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  • 2.  RE: 1099 and part time get computers?

    Posted 03-23-2023 08:10 AM

    I think BYOD is fine as long as appropriate measures as taken. Things to consider: requiring work through secure portals such as AWS. Blocking syncing of email through applications like outlook unless a secure application is installed. Appropriate training to ensure understanding of expectations.

    Brenda Manning JD, CIPP/US, CHC, CHPC
    Senior Privacy Counsel
    Maximus, Inc.

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  • 3.  RE: 1099 and part time get computers?

    Posted 03-23-2023 08:43 AM

    My previous position was with the federal government, and use of any personal devices was not permitted, specifically for cybersecurity reasons. 

    If all work is going through secure portals, a Chromebook may be an option to provide the part time staff.


    Diana Bennett
    Corporate Compliance Director
    The Family Counseling Center

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