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BIG SURGE....8/13 Study Session

  • 1.  BIG SURGE....8/13 Study Session

    Posted 4 days ago
    I looked at the signups for the 8/13 study session and a few days ago...8 AM / 9 AM / 10 AM / 11 AM was the proposed start time that many people were selecting.

    BUT WAIT....

    The new front runner...which really took off since yesterday is the 10 AM / 11 AM / 12 PM / 1 PM timeframe.

    Right now...if trends stay similar to what they are now...10 AM / 11 AM / 12 PM / 1 PM will be our session time.  To make sure people have enough advance notice...the sign up will close on Tuesday (8/9/22) next week.  This way I can send out the invite on Wednesday (8/10/22) so people have a few days advance notice which may help them decide if they are going to make it.

    All right...that's it for now.  I'm letting people on the listservs also know these latest updates as well.


    Posted: 6:50 AM AZ time

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