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D1 #3 WRAP Up: Finding and Staying in your lane

  • 1.  D1 #3 WRAP Up: Finding and Staying in your lane

    Posted 10-19-2022 01:30 PM
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    to @Patricia Radatz for being such an excellent guide and nurturing a fruitful conversation on the importance of defining and staying in your lane as a small compliance department. Thank you to our community, who offered plenty of insight and added commentary about their insights and experience with role assignment and oversight.

    Below is a wrap-up document that outlines the highlights of the conversation.

    From this conversation, there was a lot of interest in best practices for governing and running an efficient and effective compliance committee.​ We need a host for November....our conversations are unique because we embrace perspectives both from those who have found success, but also from those who have tried and "failed." Being a small compliance department means we accept the gains as they come and turn early failures into later successes. If either describes your perspective with compliance committees, please reach out!

    Enjoy your day!

    Stephen (Steve) Pavlicek | Community Engagement Manager
    Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics
    Health Care Compliance Association
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