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  • 1.  Exit Interviews

    Posted 09-26-2022 02:58 PM
    I know I've asked about Exit Interviews before, but it's become a hot topic at my organization.

    1) Does Compliance or Internal Audit ever conduct exit interviews?  Specifically for terminated HR employees (to prevent HR from conducting their own exit interviews)
    2) Has anyone heard of a 3rd party Company conducting all exit interviews and compiling a list of anonymous responses?
    3) Those who use an exit interview form - how long / how many questions is your form?  We recently moved to a Survey Monkey form, and it has 17 questions related to the employee's decision to leave, the role they're leaving, their supervisor, training, salary, benefits, culture.  I feel like an employee who is on their way out won't spend that much time on an exit interview questionnaire.


    Tara Martin
    Director, Ethics & Compliance
    Delek US Holdings, Inc.
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