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Group 240...21 Days to Day 1

  • 1.  Group 240...21 Days to Day 1

    Posted 2 days ago
    OK...for some of you in Group 240...EXACTLY 21 days to Day 1.

    Remember...MANDATORY, doubt about must have the following completed by Day 1 (8/26/22) because on Day 2...which is the first Saturday in the life cycle of the study group is our first ONLINE session where we dive into Domain #1 of the DCO...which is an exercise originated in my study groups that people have posted is a game changer when it comes to study prep.

    Here's the list if needed:
    • Complete the separate, short quizzes on the 3 intro videos (you can do one a week...remember these are short quizzes and you must get 100% on each quiz - you can take the quizzes as often as needed until you get 100%)
    • Create Flash Card Deck #1 and take a picture and send it to the Group 240 designated email address
    • Complete the OIG CPG inventory sheet​
    ​All right...that's it for now.  You know where to reach me with any questions ( so I hope folks are continuing to take advantage of the lead time to get these items done.

    Posted: 5:56 AM AZ time

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