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Happy Holidays Reminder...Prime Time for Scams

  • 1.  Happy Holidays Reminder...Prime Time for Scams

    Posted 15 days ago
    The Holiday Season is prime time for scammers/hackers to use emails and texts to get your personal info. BE CAREFUL as often these people will make it appear you are getting contacted by familiar companies. Already I've been contacted by people that fell victim to such messages and now their dealing with big headaches.

    Practice some "preventive medicine" and exercise caution when you get an email that for whatever reasons strikes you as "odd" (example: you haven't ordered anything online and you are getting some type of message to confirm an order or a deliver) or unexpected (example: someone at work who NEVER emails you or texts you appears to have sent you a message with links to "photos" or an interesting website that they want to share with you.)

    Posted: 3:39 AM AZ time

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