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Healthcare Compliance Training: clinical and non-clinical tracks

  • 1.  Healthcare Compliance Training: clinical and non-clinical tracks

    Posted 7 days ago

    Hi all.

    Our organization is updating our compliance training to break it into two tracks, clinical staff (i.e.: direct patient care), and non-clinical staff (i.e.: administration). Setting aside the standard topics that all staff should be trained on, we're looking for resources/guidance on what topics should go into the clinical track. For example, documenting and notifying appropriate parties of a patient medical record amendment request.

    We operate in New York. Can you provide any examples of your clinical training, resources you go to for healthcare clinical compliance training, or any tips/resources you have? We are casting a wide net so please don't hesitate to provide a resource/training/link even if it's not perfectly on point with the question.

    Thank you in advance!!

    Karyn Wilkinson
    Deputy Compliance Officer
    NYC Health and Hospitals

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