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Looking forward to 2023 and Helping Exam Preppers

  • 1.  Looking forward to 2023 and Helping Exam Preppers

    Posted 12-25-2022 08:22 AM
    As we saw yesterday when we practiced a few questions, including the NEXT, BEST, FIRST, MOST type of questions...don't worry how many you got wrong...even if you missed all 5!  Rather...focus on what we discussed in terms of becoming more familiar with applying what you learn to scenarios.  As we practice more and more...we all will only get better which will increase our chances of passing the certification exams.

    Remember this week's takeaway:  For most folks...prepping and passing the exam is likely going to take a lot more than just searching and studying about compliance for 10s and 10s of minutes on Google.  So make your plan...connect with others...and enjoy the journey towards certification and the development of a body of knowledge that will also help you reach your potential as a compliance professional...even if you never take the exam.

    Stay the course...and here we go!

    -------------Frank "Snake Bite Leader" Ruelas--------------
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