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New Employee Orientation - Virtual or In-Person?

  • 1.  New Employee Orientation - Virtual or In-Person?

    Posted 07-27-2022 09:39 AM
    Hospital COs:  Would you mind sharing the current way you are providing training at new employee orientation (in-person, live virtual, or self-guided online course)?

    I know many organizations went fully virtual during the pandemic, and I am curious as to the current state of things at peer hospitals. Thank you!

    Tracy McCullough
    Director, Compliance & Integrity
    Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago
    Chicago, IL
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  • 2.  RE: New Employee Orientation - Virtual or In-Person?

    Posted 07-27-2022 09:55 AM



    We are continuing to use Zoom for new employee orientation.  We can train more employees at one time and it also frees up parking spaces for patients on those days.  One thing that was noticed is that new employees were getting lax about having their cameras on, so we've now made it a requirement.  If they don't have access to a web camera, they can always use ones we have available on site.  Also, I want to try and make our presentation more interactive by using polls, etc.





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  • 3.  RE: New Employee Orientation - Virtual or In-Person?

    Posted 07-27-2022 10:47 AM

    HI Tracy,


    We use both a self-guided online course as well as live virtual training using Microsoft Teams.




    Barbara J. Vimont, JD, RHIA, CHC

    Director, Compliance and Privacy


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    One Perkins Square, Akron, OH 44308

    Phone: 330-543-8203

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  • 4.  RE: New Employee Orientation - Virtual or In-Person?

    Posted 07-27-2022 10:57 AM

    Hey Tracy! I was surprised to see an email from an old friend and colleague.


    At the organization where I work we are set up for any type of orientation. If it is possible to get everyone together we do an in-person orientation. If not we can do a Teams meeting where I can share my presentation screen and discuss the information with the new hires. I also have a pre-recorded version of my presentation that new hires can watch and contact me with any questions or concerns; for situations when I am out or if there is an orientation scheduled between our regular orientation dates.


    Sabrina Winters

    Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer

    Southwestern Healthcare, Inc.

    Office: (812) 436-4286


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  • 5.  RE: New Employee Orientation - Virtual or In-Person?

    Posted 07-27-2022 11:25 AM
    We are doing in-person new employee orientation and they also must complete 2 online learning modules (one is overall compliance and the other is more privacy and security focused).

    Ann Dunham
    Compliance Officer
    Hannibal Regional Healthcare System
    Hannibal, MO

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  • 6.  RE: New Employee Orientation - Virtual or In-Person?

    Posted 07-28-2022 11:08 AM
    I just started a new role for a global company. A significant portion of the workforce is fully remote, which is not new, pre-dating the pandemic. My NEO included Zoom with a live trainer for HR type things and self-guided training for other topics such as compliance, privacy and security.

    Brenda Manning JD, CHC, CHPC
    Privacy Counsel
    Maximus, Inc.

    The views expressed herein are my own and do not represent those of my employer. They are not meant to constitute legal advice or create an attorney-client relationship.

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  • 7.  RE: New Employee Orientation - Virtual or In-Person?

    Posted 07-28-2022 02:08 PM

    Congratulations on your new role, Brenda!!


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  • 8.  RE: New Employee Orientation - Virtual or In-Person?

    Posted 07-28-2022 11:11 AM


    We returned to in-person orientation earlier this year, with sessions twice/month to reduce size of the group to allow for adequate distancing. We have, in common with many folks, become fairly sophisticated in our use of virtual technology, but people were feeling the need to come together. Context: small community hospital on-boarding an average of 12-15 people in each session, all presenters and attendees fully vaccinated and masked, per NYS regs. We also supplement with on-line modules.


    Adele Hodlin
    AVP for Quality/Risk/Compliance
    Adirondack Health
    Saranac Lake,NY

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  • 9.  RE: New Employee Orientation - Virtual or In-Person?

    Posted 07-28-2022 11:33 AM
    We set aside 1 day per month for all new employee trainings, which includes Core Values and HR orientation, Privacy, Security, Compliance/FWA, and OSHA trainings.  We prefer the employees to attend in person, but we have allowed some to Zoom if there are remote employees.

    Leigh Wright
    Director of Privacy & Compliance
    Simplified Medical Management

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  • 10.  RE: New Employee Orientation - Virtual or In-Person?

    Posted 08-01-2022 11:51 AM
    I have a one hour in-person presentation that covers the compliance plan/program (the 7 elements) and HIPAA.

    Kathy Swihart
    Compliance Officer
    Knox Community Hospital
    Mount Vernon,OH

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  • 11.  RE: New Employee Orientation - Virtual or In-Person?

    Posted 07-28-2022 12:49 PM

    At our FQHC we do monthly new employee orientation virtually via zoom.  We require staff to have their cameras on during orientation.  I really dont see us going back to in-person.

    Teresa Gonsalves, LSW, CHC
    Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer
    Waianae, HI

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