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Next Steps...OIG CPG - Part 2 Sign Up

  • 1.  Next Steps...OIG CPG - Part 2 Sign Up

    Posted 08-23-2022 08:51 AM
    All right CHC and CHPC exam is the invite for Part 2 of the multipart session on the OIG CPG.

    This is OPEN TO ALL...and picks up where Part 1 which was held this past Saturday left off.  I am going to offer two sessions to help accommodate more attendees based on the incoming emails about this series.  There will be an early session and a late session as many people are asking for an option other than a Saturday session.  Fair enough...let's give it a try.

    So here's the link to sign up...and stay tuned...the date for the session and other info is on the sign up form and is very soon.

    To sign here.


    Posted: 6:42 AM AZ time

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