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  • 1.  Portal Information

    Posted 08-10-2022 07:31 PM

    Can anyone share general comments, thoughts or insight regarding the typical categories of information that an internal portal on compliance might have? Thank you.


    For example, a portal would have the following information:


    1. Training Videos
    2. Link to Policies and Code of Conduct
    3. Link to compliance news and articles
    4. Monthly compliance top message
    5. Link to Region Leaders
    6. Compliance initiatives
    7. Mission statement

    John Baker
    Kasai North America

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  • 2.  RE: Portal Information

    Posted 08-10-2022 09:22 PM
    -The ability to submit compliance questions and compliance issues.
    -contact information for the compliance officer

    Sharmil McKee
    215-439-5279 (text messages always welcome)

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  • 3.  RE: Portal Information

    Posted 08-11-2022 07:55 AM

    Link to your helpline/hotline. Consider including more info about any other critical programs you'd want to highlight. (For example, we have a page about our conflict of interest program.) An FAQ page can also be helpful for capturing answers to "hot topic questions" and frequently asked questions.

    Mary O'Malley, MBA, CHC
    Sr. Compliance Analyst

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