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Summer Study Group...Saturday is THE day!

  • 1.  Summer Study Group...Saturday is THE day!

    Posted 9 days ago
    BIG day on Saturday...120 question quiz to simulate what you will be going through during your exam.  Unlike the actual exam which people share is primarily questions of the NEXT, BEST, FIRST type...Saturday's quiz will include:
    • Fill in the blank;
    • Select the answer to identify the term, phrase, or statute;
    • Identifying the answer that has the steps of a process in the correct order; and
    • YES....NEXT, BEST, FIRST scenario questions
    We start promptly at our scheduled time...check in and basic housekeeping stuff in the first 10 mins...then 120 minutes for quiz.

    Next Saturday we review some of the statistics related to the quiz and review the questions which were missed the most.

    OK...that's for now.  If you don't have your link to the session by NEED to contact me EARLY on Saturday (prior to an hour before our start time).

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