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US State Privacy Laws Webinar - free on demand

  • 1.  US State Privacy Laws Webinar - free on demand

    Posted 08-17-2022 12:57 PM
    Six-Fifty is a good resource for webinars - they just offered a free webinar to help understand the US Privacy Laws for CA and the upcoming privacy laws for Utah, Connecticut, Virginia, and Colorado - comparing the nuances of these laws.  They are selling a product, however, this is not a demo of their product.  I would recommend the webinar (it is 1 hour).  They compare applicability, exemptions, notices, high-risk processing notices, basic consumer rights, opt-out rights, risk assessments, enforcements, and other miscellaneous items.  Also, they cover what key documents you should have, how to prepare for these laws, rulemaking actions in these states, and a peek into what may be coming with the federal American Data Privacy and Protection Act.  The webinar is hosted by two attorneys.

    Some of you may ask - I am so busy - "where do you find time to watch these webinars Dianne?"  Answer:  lunch time, Sunday afternoons on my front porch, Friday afternoons when I am low on brain cells from a busy work week, or when I am traveling to and from somewhere (obviously when I am not driving - just the passenger) - makes travel time go by f-a-s-t!

    Here is the link:  All US Privacy Product Launch

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