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The Craziest Guidance For Book Review You've Ever Heard - 2021 Guide

Reading a book is easy but writing a review? Now that can be difficult enough to risk your grades. But why risk grades, when you learn the whole process of writing a review for any book from this guide. 

Before we begin on how you write a review, let’s learn the difference between a book report and a review. Because many students often mix these and write a report instead of a review, it causes a failing grade. You can easily differentiate between these two if you observe and see that a review is not objective like a report is. In addition to this, the structure of a report is simple as compared to the review. 

You can identify a report from its quality of describing the book, its story, and details on the setting, plot, characters, etc. You must remember that a review is not simply retelling what’s in the book, instead of how to conduct a deep analysis of the book. The report majorly consists of the summary of the book while the review incorporates it as the context.

Now let’s take a look at the steps which you have to follow in order to compose the review. But have a clear idea of what you are about to write before you start. There are three tips that you should keep in mind throughout the Essay Writing Service. Firstly, take note of all the strengths as well as weaknesses of the book. Secondly, understand the intention of the writer through their work. Lastly, keep the word count in mind. Now let’s move onto the steps.

  • Read and assess

First of all, assess the book thoroughly. This time will take time but if you skip it, the rest of the parts will take even a much longer time. It’s great if you are in the habit of noting the points down. If not, you should definitely try it. Note down the genre, themes, thesis, main concept, event, characters, conflict, development of the book. You should also focus on what you know about the author's writing style, and what the author has tried to tell the Paper Writing Service.

  • Building a Thesis statement 

Then you have to build a thesis statement. Do not mix this thesis statement with one of the book. Rather you have to tell the reader about how you analyzed the book. Consider this as the main idea. 

  • Start with Introduction

Now is the time to start composing your review. Begin the introduction with an anecdote, quote, or a reference from the book. This tends to be the best type of hook for the reader. In this first paragraph, be sure to include the basic information of the Write My Paper as well as a little about the author. In the end, add your thesis statement. 

  • Include short summary

Summarize the book in order to give background information about the content of the book. You can also include development over the course stated in the book. This is not the focus of the review so do not make it lengthy. 

  • Write your analysis

This is the main part of your review where you have to share your opinion of the book along with the evidence from the book. You can write about the book as a whole or you can also highlight a specific element from the book. 

  • Compose a strong conclusion

Lastly, end your review with a solid conclusion. Write all the main points and then link them to the thesis statement. 

Follow these guidelines to create a review impressive enough to get you the best grade. You should also go through any instructions sent by your instructor. Start composing your review after you have understood all the college essay writing service.