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Intergrity in Action: Boards' Compliance Oversight Sets the Standard for Ethical; Legal Practices

As the regulatory environment grows in complexity, healthcare Boards have a difficult task understanding their oversight role of a compliance program. This article, published in the American Hospital Association's "Trustee Magazine", offers Board members a basic introduction of their oversight...

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Federal Investigations of University Research: How to Avoid Trouble

What’s the Compliance Problem? • The last five years have seen an alarming increase in the number of federal fraud cases in the university research area • Many universities are not well prepared for the scrutiny that a federal fraud investigation entails • Old compliance strategies aren’t...


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Conflict of Interest Program: University of Minnesota

Overview: - Disclosing, Identifying, and Managing Individual Conflicts of Interest in Higher Education - Disclosing, Identifying, and Managing Institutional Conflicts of Interest in Higher Education - Developing Standards to Govern Relationships between Institutions of Higher Education and...


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Meshing Compliance Education for Physician and

Agenda: Compliance Education- one of the seven elements The Importance of Compliance A Plan For Compliance Education False Claims Preventing Fraud and Abuse Implementing Compliance Education Education That Works For Your Practice Easy Access to Compliance Education Example of Coworker...


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The Higher Education Act: Overview and Updates

Agenda: HEOA of 2008 Overview New Reporting Requirements Upcoming Effective Dates of Selected Provisions Opportunities for Input into Implementation Resources and References #Education #higher


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Effective Compliance Training

Jeff Kaplan overviews provisions of the revised Sentencing Guidelines relating directly and indirectly to Compliance and Ethics training. Then J.C. Kinnamon explains training from the perspective of adult learning – as part of exploring what in fact makes training effective, as the Guidelines...


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Spaced Learning: The Antidote to Forgotten Compliance and Ethics Awareness

Spaced Learning: The Antidote to Forgotten Compliance and Ethics Awareness “The spacing effect is one of the oldest and best documented phenomena in the history of learning and memory research.” Harry Bahrick & Lynda Hall (2005) Journal of Memory and Language #Communication #HealthCare ...

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