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Doe v. K-Mart

Minnesota Court of Appeals case relating to disclosure of prescription information. #pharmacy #HealthCare #privacy

Doe v. Kmart - 20170206_0000186.MN_0636.pdf

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Patient-MD Controlled Substance User Agreement

As a supplement to protect an MD this is an agreement between the MD and Patient about their controlled substance usage. #controlledsubstance #pharmacy

Controlled Substance Use Agreement.doc

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Outpatient Pharmacy Theft/Robbery Policy considerations

For hospital locations with outpatient/retail pharmacy setup this is a list of considerations when creating your Theft/Robbery compliance policy. #RegulationsandLaws #InternalControls #pharmacy #HealthCare #Security

Security Checklist.doc

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Fundamental Pharmacy Forms

Some fundamental forms that will help internal auditors when reviewing pharmacy audit records. #pharmacy #Security

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Controlled Substance Audit Sheet Nursing

This is for the hospital CCO or pharmacy manager to help conduct audits of their controlled substance usage as part of their proactive diversion process for the DEA. #HealthCare #Accounting #pharmacy #InternalControls #controlledsubstance

CS Monitoring Audit Sheet_Nursing.doc

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MD Office Medication Protocol & other documents

This was developed to help explain dispensing regulations for a small physicians office to the office managers and nursing staff who did not come to live corporate training. It would need to be tweaked with pictures of particular areas in your office where medications may be stored and handled...

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