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Auditing the Auditors - June 2012 - HCCA Survey

The healthcare industry is constantly undergoing public scrutiny, but what few outside of the industry realize is that it is also constantly undergoing regulatory review. An alphabet soup ofregulatory bodies has oversight of the industry, and exercises it regularly. This includes an ongoing,...


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Controlled Substance Audit Sheet Nursing

This is for the hospital CCO or pharmacy manager to help conduct audits of their controlled substance usage as part of their proactive diversion process for the DEA. #HealthCare #Accounting #pharmacy #InternalControls #controlledsubstance

CS Monitoring Audit Sheet_Nursing.doc

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Policy Management: The Five Steps to Success

Let’s face it: policy management is like eating yourvegetables. It’s necessary and we know we have todeal with it every day to stay healthy. But in reality, quality policy creation, dissemination, and continuous management are crucial toany organization. Every internal document has the same...

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