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Policy Management: The Five Steps to Success

Let’s face it: policy management is like eating yourvegetables. It’s necessary and we know we have todeal with it every day to stay healthy. But in reality, quality policy creation, dissemination, and continuous management are crucial toany organization. Every internal document has the same...

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Quality of Evidence and the NERC Compliance Audit

This article is designed to discuss the details of a NERC Compliance Audit and to get to the heart of the matter – “What constitutes good evidence under a NERC Compliance Audit done by your Reliability Organization?” #UtilitiesandEnergy #InternalControls #RegulationsandLaws

Audit Evidence and the NERC Compliance Audit.pdf

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Measuring Up- Compliance Programs That Produce Results

In a time when regulatory compliance weaknesses at natural gas and electric utilities will not be allowed and regulators are gaining momentum in their enforcement, the consequences of noncompliance can be dire. This article discussed how to determine the right size and organizational structure...

Compliance Organizational Structure Article.pdf