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Getting started Year 1 Template Example 

2 days ago

This is an example of what I planned out for year one to achieve in the compliance program.

Each month there was one focus topic (at the top in bold). 
There was a list of specific policies to be reviewed.
There was standing items that we covered like the report outs at company lunch and the Executive team meetings.
Also, each month a specific section to write out in what eventually, would become the final Compliance Program document (MedAllies Compliance Document Updates Sections X, X, X) as related to the specific sections of the US DOG Evaluation Elements.
There was specific sources of research for each month (the DOJ Digests, SCC weekly reports which are the e-news items, and the monthly summary reports which I discussed in a previous post).

Feel free to use this template if you need help getting started :)

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