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  • Please include me in the meeting invite? Thank you. ------------------------------ Susan Osten Assistant Compliance Manager Black & Veatch Corporation Kansas City,MO ------------------------------

  • Steve, Please send me the link as well. Thank you! ------------------------------ LaTonya Cole MLS, CPCO, CHC Corporate Compliance Officer Medusind ------------------------------

  • Hi Gwen,  I will send a calendar invite. Unfortunately, it is a platform limitation that limits efficiency (and I couldn't agree more). My apologies.  Thanks! ------------------------------ Stephen (Steve) Pavlicek | Community Engagement Manager Society ...

  • Please send me a link. This does not seem like the most efficient way to do this. Gwen Pekuri , CPHIT, CPHIE Compliance Specialist/I.T. Coordinator 507-455-8127 ...

  • Please send me the meeting link too. Thanks! ------------------------------ Shawn Wray Richmond Ambulance Authority Richmond,VA ------------------------------