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    OIG CPG 09 is now online through tomorrow.  Note...OIG CPG 10 will post Friday...no posting on Monday...and OIG CPG 11 and 12 will both post on Tuesday next week. ------------------------------ -------------Frank "Snake Bite Leader" Ruelas-------------- ...

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    Thursday's list: S/P CO/AB T/E C/A/W/N R/E A/M I/M/NESI Onward! ------------------------------ -------------Frank "Snake Bite Leader" Ruelas-------------- ► We don't fail unless we quit! ◄ ------------------------------

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    Good-morning Meagan & All, Thank you for spelling out the acronyms.  I'm new to the CHPC Study Group. Are you all studying each item with the HIPAA Administrative Simplification Text dated March 2013? I receive this list daily, and am trying to get up ...

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