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  • Hi All, Passed my CCEP today at one of the PSI Testing Centers! I think we need to have an @Caitlyn Tobey appreciation party because her study group is so helpful, and so many of us have passed because of her! I will admit t​​hat I didn't study much ...

  • Way to go Joe! Thanks for sharing your feedback! ------------------------------ Caitlyn Walsh Tobey, CIPP/US/E, CIPM ------------------------------

  • Woohoo Sudip! Congrats on passing! ------------------------------ Caitlyn Walsh Tobey, CIPP/US/E, CIPM ------------------------------

  • Congratulation - way to go! ------------------------------ Marie Wagner, CHC, CHRC Operations Manager, Corporate Compliance The Queen's Health Systems Honolulu, HI ------------------------------

  • Sudip, Congratulations!!! So proud of your accomplishment! Way to invest in yourself and your career and contribute to the C&E profession as a whole!!! Well Done!! ------------------------------ Stephen (Steve) Pavlicek | Community Engagement Manager ...

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