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    OIG CPG Audio #03

    Audio #03 is now posted and will be available until Wed evening around 6 PM PT or later.  After that time Audio #04 will go live.   Link to Audio #03... click here . Onward!​​​​​​ ------------------------------ -------------Frank "Snake Bite Leader" ...

  • List for Wednesday: S/P CO/AB T/E C/A/W/N R/E A/M I/M/NESI Onward! ------------------------------ -------------Frank "Snake Bite Leader" Ruelas-------------- ► We don't fail unless we quit! ◄ ------------------------------

  • My weekly Tuesday listing below: S/P CO/AB T/E C/A/W/N R/E A/M I/M/NESI ------------------------------ Marie Wagner, CHC, CHRC Operations Manager, Corporate Compliance The Queen's Health Systems Honolulu, HI ------------------------------

  • Happy Tuesday!  Here's my list for today:  1. Standards of Conduct/Policies and Procedures  2. Compliance Officer/Appropriate Bodies  3. Training/Education  4. Communication/Anonymity/Whistleblower/Non-Retaliation  5. Response/Enforcement  6. Auditing/Monitoring  ...

  • Same Scot, Same.  ;) ------------------------------ Heidi Lourey Compliance Officer ------------------------------