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  • Hi Steve, I'm starting a group which will meet via teams every Saturday from 9-10 est. There's been so many messages I'm having a little trouble following. Could you send me a list of everyone who is interested and I'll send an invite. If they ...

  • Hi All,  The Department of One group is now open to everyone. The community group was created because of interest generated from our "Compliance in Small Organizations" virtual conference in mid-July and participants wanted to stay connected. Due to ...

  • Sorry in advance if I missed it, but may I submit our study group hours as CPUs? ------------------------------ Leonid Romanov Moscow ------------------------------

  • Hi Meera, I am not sure what excel form you are referring to...I do not see your name on the list of people who completed the form via the link in my post on SCCEnet. ------------------------------ Caitlyn Walsh Tobey, CIPP/US/E, CIPM ------------- ...

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    RE: CCEP-I study group

    Thank you! I've added my name in the excel form.. Let me know if you can see my name. Regards..Meera


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