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    There will be Questions of the Day posted this week that will touch upon some of the areas that HHS-OCR is asking questions about in the Request For Information (RFI).  This will help those folks studying for the CHPC exam also be in a stronger position ...

  • Posted in: CHC Study Group

    Thanks Gina for confirming access to the recorded quiz.  My apologies to Clarissa and Melanie as I hope they see this posting and try again to access the quiz at the URL. For the Weekend Warriors...because of the difficulties encountered in accessing ...

  • Posted in: CHC Study Group

    Between now and the end of the year...a little independent study project...keep it light...keep it simple...and it could be as easy as you make it. I am asking that you look at the rights that people have under HIPAA (hint...they are listed on one of ...

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