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    Yes...Yes...and Yes!

    Posted in: CHC Study Group

    Yes, tomorrow's Saturday session will include the topics of breach assessments, auditing and monitoring, required elements for compliance and ethics programs for entities that are Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP providers, and other topics that people submitted ...

  • Posted in: Long Term Care

    David, We are looking for the same. If you get any good referrals, please let me know. ------------------------------ Bethanne VanderMolen Chief Compliance Officer/Director of Risk Management Choice Health Management Services, LLC HICKORY,NC ------- ...

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    RE: HIPAA Security Rule

    Posted in: Long Term Care

    We use BlueOrange Compliance (located in Ohio 855-500-6272 or info@blueorangecompiance.com ). We had most of our privacy standards in place but not the security portions. They have helped us immensely by providing a scorecard that actually tells ...

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